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Unicom Engineering is founded in early 2014.
It was originated from the businesses of fibre optic projects, serving for both commercial and residential users. It was decided through a long discussion between founders as they have foreseen the surge in fibre optic’s demands for achieving 100G high-speed broadband islandwide in 10 years’ time.

Among the end users, we have been awarded to serve important agencies such as NetLink Trust Ltd, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, NCS, TPG, SP PowerAssets Ltd and etc. Part of the past projects including Inside Plant (ISP), Outside Plant (OSP), electrical wiring, roof top antennae and GI piping installation, road reinstatements, pipelaying, fault clearing activations etc. We are providing miscellaneous/ad-hoc services for instance, emergency trouble tickets, fault rectifications, site surveys and material supply.

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Although the company was started with little resources, limited pool of networking relationships and creditability until we had been awarded for the contract of more than $10 mil. in Year 2015. The historical decade changed again when the Company was being selected as one of the Singapore Outstanding Companies in Year 2015.

The company was progressively upgraded when we firstly involved in the civil and telecom equipment installation projects at Tampines area. The business was entering the market of Civil, Mechanical & Electrical (CME) and Telecom Implementation (TI) sectors. As such, the workforces have further been trained with multi-tasking skills and expertism in providing safety-oriented service to the clients and end users. Currently, we are focusing more on civil engineering and related services. We hope that the Company could bring to our highest mutual benefits with our expertism.

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